Our Follea Collections

Keeping your privacy is Cari’s genuine care for her Follea clients. You are able to enjoy a private appointment with Cari – Follea’s hair artisan expert whose credible knowledge will help you find the perfect Follea fit, cut, color and style, best suited for you! Together, you’ll have the best solution.

Follea hair is manufactured by Follea themselves to create a perfect product for you. Follea keeps their standards high and are at the highest in the world with their state of the art technology. These state of the art wigs are sophisticated, natural and lightweight. Using light denier hair, premium lace and an innovative cap construction, Follea wigs marries within your natural movement and makes it the perfect fit.

The Follea Topette Collection is great for women who desire more hair or those with thin or thinning hair which provides voluminous style with a natural look. Follea’s Topette hair creations are easily maintained, effective and fit seamlessly into your lifestyle.