Joli Esprit

The Joli Esprit™ is a breathable, highly versatile hair creation for all reasons. It features a lace top, lace front design with a lined, close-wefted back that adapts to many different head shapes. The Joli Esprit is excellent for a more volume look, and the lace front edge makes off-the-face styles and updos easy.

Made with our European Fine™ hair, with lightly polished cuticle for extra manageability, the Joli Esprit has the right texture, natural sheen and movement to match fine European hair.

The Joli Esprit™ is an excellent daily wear option for most kinds of hair loss. It can be worn with tape using the polyurethane tabs in the temples, front and nape – or it can be worn with clips, combs, or even our microfiber JoliGrip™ band.

What makes the Joli Esprit™ unique?

Design Innovation

  • Single layer lace is breathable
  • Great for hairstyles with volume
  • A lace front edge allows for off the face styles
  • Polyurethane tabs for use with tape if needed
  • Machine-wefted back for versatile fit and durability
  • Adjustment straps for more fit flexibilit

European Fine™ Hair

  • Softer and finer than most hair choices
  • Cuticle correct (Remy) hair.
  • Lightly polished for extra manageability
  • European texture with natural shine, body & movement
  • Excellent value in a European hair lace front wig.