Joli Flexi Toppe

The Joli Flexi Toppe™ is the perfect fine European hair top piece for early stage thinning hair. Also makes a great companion for extensions. It features a scalpeffect flexible French topwith long returns to allow for volume styles, while still offering hidden knots. It is also an excellent choice to mitigate hair damage from wearing extensions, safely adding fullness to the top and crown, plus added length.

Made with our European Super Fine™ hair, the Joli Flexi Toppe™ is the closest available texture to match fine hair and is the most desired hair requested by celebrities. European hair is the rarest hair in the world and it offers unparalleled natural sheen and movement. Fine European hair is best for blending when a customer has thinning hair or fine hair.

The Joli Flexi Toppe™ is an excellent daily wear option. The thin, folded front edge is under-vented with hair to naturally blend-in with the wearer’s    front hairline. With sewn in clips and a polyurethane edge for clipping or taping,  Not suggested for extended wear bonding as glue may stick between layers.

What makes the Joli Flexi Toppe™ unique?

Design Innovation

  • Hidden knots for a scalp-like effect
  • Return hairs for volume styles
  • Removable clips for attachment
  • Polyurethane edge for tape and durability
  • Ultra thin design
  • Under-vented front edge for hairline blending

European Super Fine™ Hair

  • Rare, fine European hair, not to be confused with “wannabe’s”
  • Soft, fine, premium hair choice blends with natural growth hair
  • Cuticle correct (Remy) and cuticle intact
  • Natural shine and body
  • The most rare and sought after hair in the world