Coppola Keratin Smoothing Treatment

This treatment personally changed Cari’s life and many of her clients’ lives. Coppola Keratin Smoothing Treatment is a smoothing treatment that rebuilds the keratin (protein) in your hair and the end result is shiny, smooth, strengthened hair with hardly any styling. Cari’s hair is very frizzy and curly but with having the keratin applied, she is frizz free for over three months with no damage and has stronger, healthier hair and is still able to wear her hair curly but without the frizz!

Coppola Keratin Smoothing Treatment reduces the time of blow drying. In Cari’s experience of using Coppola Keratin Smoothing Treatment, she is able to achieve silky straight hair in less than 15 minutes with hardly any styling. The Coppola Keratin Smoothing Treatment is very gentle and can be used on all hair types including color-treated, previously relaxed, and used with hair extensions. This gel based product is Formaldehyde free unlike other straightening treatments. The Coppola Keratin Smoothing Treatment does contain a small amount of an organic aldehyde compound which has the same effect with much less irritation than other systems. No other product compares with the Coppola Keratin Smoothing Treatment!

  • Short Hair . . . . . $250
  • Medium Hair . . . . . $300
  • Long Hair . . . . . $350
    (Extra Thick - Add $50)